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What To Expect

Our church family is made up of young and old and come from all economic backgrounds. How you dress isn’t particularly important. Most services you’ll see everything from jackets and ties to blue jeans.

We don’t waste God’s precious time on politics or other secondary issues. But we do care deeply about learning and sharing God’s Word with a dying world and trying to help people know the God who created the universe.

Each of our services is a little different from the others. Here’s what to expect…


9:30 AM

We have Bible classes for all ages as part of our Sunday School ministry

10:40 AM

Our 10:40 service is our most important service of the week. The main purpose of the service is to worship and glorify our God. We do that through congregational singing (a mix of traditional and more modern hymns and spiritual songs.) We do that through prayer and the giving of our tithes and offerings. Above all, we worship by listening to and interacting with God’s Word as it’s preached.

The Sunday morning worship service usually includes special music provided by our adult choir and a person or group from the church. Our kid’s choir provides special music every month or so.

Children between 4 years through 4th grade may leave following the singing for Children’s Church, which is divided into two different age groups.

Messages are usually part of a series that seeks to study and understand entire books of the Bible over several weeks.
The church shares in the Lord’s Table (Communion) during the morning service on the first Sunday of every month.
The service lasts about an hour.

6:00 PM

The Sunday evening service is more casual than the Sunday morning service. We sing more contemporary songs and contemporary arrangements of old favorites, usually to recorded accompaniment. The songs we use are still carefully chosen to communicate Biblical truth, to help us worship God appropriately, and to prepare our hearts for God’s Word.

We always offer opportunities for our people to share prayer requests and testimonies with the church. The message is different from Sunday morning, but is also usually part of a series based on a particular book of the Bible.

Junior High and Senior High young people have a separate meeting for study and activities in our Outreach Center during the 6pm hour on Sunday. It’s conducted by our Youth Pastor.


7:00 PM

The 7PM hour on Wednesday is for Bible study and prayer in different groups. Adults usually meet together, led by the Pastor, though we will sometimes do separate women’s and men’s studies for a few weeks.

Children from preschool through 5th grade meet for kid’s choir practice and a short lesson that’s usually based on a single question from the catechism.

Young adults from 5th through 12th grades meet for study and activities led by our Youth Pastor.