Here is our current prayer request list.
Medical and Hospital
Week 1
Aidan Brooks( 8 yr. old with Brain Abscess)
Tammy Cremeans
Buffy Terry (Fluid around & in Lungs)
Week 2
Patti Arnold 
Michael Buchert
John Bunner (Motorcycle Accident)
Jeremy Cassidy (Brain Tumor)
Kristi Powell
Took Salser
Angie Seagraves
Lenna Sisson (Cancer)
Ruth Snodgrass
Dave Spencer(Heart)
Week 3
Wanda Teaford (Cancer)
Week 4
Lynn Crow
Charlene Estep
Lori Kimes
Landon Myers (Bill’s grandson)
Debbie Schneff & Parents
Other Prayer Concerns
Theron Johnson Home in August from Service
Mike Bailey Family
Joyce Blake Family
Bill Davis Family
Prayers for Church
Prayers for School Children & Staff
Prayers for Country
Prayers for Missionaries & Families
Long Term
Baby Bella (Heart)
C.T.Chapman (Hip Replacement Aug.)
Trish Congo (Cancer)
Bradon Coffman (Kidney Issues)
Brad Cremeens (Cancer)
Mike Davis (Cancer)
Corrissa Deemer (Braest Cancer)
David Dudding (cancer)
Lorraine Evans (Dementia)
Cathy Ferrell (Cancer)
Jerry Fields (Alzheimer)
Sue Fry
Joe Foreman
Kyle Hamborg(Cancer)
Dorothy Harden
Don Harden (Throat Cancer)
Lisa Haught (Cancer)
Pastor Brian Harkness
Judy Harrison (Breast Cancer)
Bill &Lillian Hayman  (Bill Hospice)
Brenda Hill (Cancer) Parkinson
Gary Howard (Cancer)
Braylyn Johnson (Bone Cancer)
Jane Johnson
Greg Lane (Cancer)
Frank Locke (Cancer)    
Clarissa Marr (Burn Victum)
Virgina Maynard
Billy McLaughlin (Throat Cancer)
Kalandra Nero
Evelyn Pauley
Tommy Peterman
Julia Randolph (Breast Cancer) Stroke
Jay Rees
Mitch Roush (Cancer)
Carrie Roush
Lincoln Sautbien (Tourette’s Syndrome)
Mary Kay Sautbien (Alzheimer)
Took Salser
Heidi Shaad (Cancer)
Mary Beth Slaven (Cancer)
Roger Springfield (Bone Cancer)
Bob Stewart (Cancer)
Carol Ann Stewart (MS)
Buffy Terry
Chris Thomas (Health Issues)
Jordan Thornhill (Cancer)
Connie Turley
Donnie VanMatre (Cancer)
James Vannest (Cancer)
Kay Vournazoe (Cancer)
Bryanne Wallace (Cancer)
John Williams (Cancer)
Chris Wolfe
Linda Young (Cancer)
JF Young
Richard Young
Nursing Home
Tammy Cremeans
Jim Caldwell Ravenswood Care Center
Lucille Diehl Overbrook
Eileen Hayes Ravenswood Care Center
Bobbie Hill  Overbrook
Donna Hill Ravenswood Village
Barb Riggs
Ilah Roush Overbrook
Bert Siders Overbrook
Mary Louise Shuler  Overbrook
Pat Snyder   Arbors
Tammy Cremeens